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Angry MCP!

My right middle MCP is angry today. It's been one of the worse ones, but it's not bad enough to affect its movement. Not enough damage done yet, so it's no wonder. However, it's interesting to note that the pain is more significant on the side of my palm(anteriorly) rather than on the knuckle. Very interesting. *hmm*


Thank goodness! I was scheduled for remedial for my BCLS at 4 today. It did seem like the assessors were more keen to pass students as long as they're ready even if it's during remedial. Was very fortunate to get our mentor to assess me. And the manikin(don't ask me why it's spelled like that i chose was very forgiving on me, and the breaths i gave were really just enough! So i passed with the first attempt, and was given the all clear! The strip produced was perfect! No mistakes at all! :D If only i chose this manikin yesterday. But all's well, and this is proof that even if you can get exempted, it's still possible to accomplish things once deemed to be quite difficult! For once i'm not taking the easy way out! Now i can safely become a nurse! :)))

Ballet class was quite good, but i didn't nail doubles. However i did manage to hold and balance after singles. My strength is slowly getting better, but it could be even better if i did conditioning at home. Lazy bones! I have better things to fret about and worry!

BCLS theory test and WorldSkills training tomorrow! My friend is now back into the training because of certain circumstances and they're giving her a chance. Happy for her! :)


(I apologise for the surge in blog entries)

I'm struggling a big deal with immunology. For one, i slept in immunology lectures, which makes it no wonder that i don't understand it as well as i'd like to. But for the most part, the lectures were thoroughly inadequate. I'd like to learn about immunology as much as i can because it plays a big role in rheumatology. And i don't want to be a seemingly idiotic nurse who doesn't know her immunoglobulins from the B and T lymphocytes, and from CD4 to complements. I have 3 immunology books from the school library, and i'm intent on being good friends with immunology. Maybe not as much as doctors know, but enough to use it in clinical settings, understanding it, and not embarrassing myself.

The complements really make me very discombobulated. Totally. But then again, if you'd ask any doctor, all their real school knowledge have been thrown out of the door, unless it's directly related to their related specialty or pathology. Immunology will be a great obstacle, but i can beat it! :D

Retiring Scarlett and/or Elena

I'm thinking of retiring Scarlett, my tongue piercing. It was really fun having her, but if i were to want anything more out of nursing school(OIPP and WorldSkills), i think keeping her would be detrimental for any opportunities that may present to me. I was quite intent on giving it up if i'm going for OIPP, but now, if there's gonna be so few of us training for WorldSkills, maybe i could make do without it. How now brown cow? I could always re-pierce it if i miss Scarlett. :( I know i always say that it doesn't matter if i have a tongue piercing, as long as i do my job well. And so far i've not been met with any objections. *hmm* But it does matter sometimes- it's all about impressions.

About Elena, my industrial, i could make do without her because what i put in Elena is either the bar, or 2 retainers. Nothing else. I'm a boring person, ain't i?